About Ruth Irving

BA (hons) Philosophy PGCE. Dip. Ac. MBAcC. YTT

Ruth has been a professional acupuncturist (tCM) for nearly 15 years.  It's almost ten years since she established Carlisle's principal centre for natural wellbeing at 34 Lowther Street.  An integrative approach to health is her philosophy.


Lifestyle changes are integral to a tCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) approach to maintaining good health.  Ruth set up yoga classes from her holistic centre Carlisle Therapies over five years ago.  She continues to encourage her patients to include mindful movement and breathwork into their lives.

Ruth has completed 300 hours yoga teaching training (YTT) specialising in Mindful yoga. She runs indoor weekly classes and workshops from Carlisle city and outdoor Kirkbride Yoga on the Turf classes - weather permitting.   


In 2021 Ruth is expanding her wellbeing services to include Mindfulness.  She will be running Mindfulness for Living courses from Autumn 2021.