Online Acupressure Consultations & Yoga Classes


4:30 pm


Virtual Acupressure Consultations
From my home acupuncture clinic to your home.  During this time of physical distancing face-to-face acupuncture consultations are impossible.  Luckily, acupressure is a different way of stimulating acu-points to needling which enables you to benefit from your home. 

Over nearly 15 years as a professional acupuncturist I have developed methods which enable my patients to continue treatment even when they are unable to attend clinic in person.  Methods like acupressure, magnet therapy and moxa sticks or cones (moxibustion).

Acupressure may benefit a range of health issues arising from imbalance.  The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) my professional governing body, has compiled a range of research factsheets which you may download and also an informative 'Ask an Expert' section where you may post your questions about whether acupuncture may help you or search their archive.  You are also welcome to contact me.

We are experiencing emotionally unsettling times and one way acupressure may help is by reducing our stress response by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.  This initiates relaxation and deactivates the analytical mind which may help with insomnia and anxiety


Via virtual consultation we will take a complete consultation.  I will make an acupuncture diagnosis and prescibe you your bespoke acu-point protocol.  I will demonstrate acu-point location and acupressure techniques online.  If relevant it may also include the application of heat with moxa that can be posted out to you or magnet therapy.


On booking a virtual consult you will receive:

  • an online consultation to assess and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you

  • an online tutorial of acu-point location and acupressure techniques

  • a summary sheet detailing your acu-point protocol and any lifestyle advice

  • a follow up consultation 7 - 10 days after tutorial

Initial consultation, tutorial and follow up £95
Follow up appointments: £40


Virtual Yoga Classes

From my home yoga studio to yours.  Virtual yoga classes coming soon.

In the meantime, choose from my Videos.

New to yoga?  I'm now taking bookings for my next Absolute Beginners 5 week Virtual Yoga course.  Contact me for details.

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