Guided Sleep Relaxation & Visualization - 15 mins 

In this Guided Sleep Relaxation & Visualisation I invite you to gently focus your attention on specific acupuncture points (see image). These points are ones that I commonly see benefit people with sleep disorders in my acupuncture clinic. 

Take time before you listen to the session for the first time to familiarise yourself with these acupuncture point locations. 

Throughout this session I use Chinese medicine terms such as Shen. Shen translates as spirit, mind, consciousness and is non-religious. Your Shen manifests in your worldly interactions.  In Chinese medicine good sleep is dependent on the Shen returning peacefully to your Heart at night.  Heart Blood and Yin lightly anchor the Shen. 

The view is that If you are out of balance (perhaps your Blood and Yin are not sufficient/deplete) your Shen wanders at night causing sleeplessness.  

In this guided visualisation I encourage your mind to settle comfortably for the night.  Acupuncture points have names which reflect their actions on your body, mind and spirit.  For example, Shen Men (HT 7 or Heart 7) translates as Spirit Gate and is a pathway to the Heart and to sleep. 

Take some time for yourself to relax, replenish and let go.  

Listen to Guided Sleep Relaxation & Visualisation.

Remember: acupuncture is a complex medical model and 'cookbook' protocols (i.e. for insomnia press x) are for you to try.  If they help you that's great.  If not, it may be that you would benefit from a bespoke acupuncture consultation.


Remember you are unique and so is your sleep pattern.  

For more information about how acupuncture may help insomnia and sleep disorders contact me.

Read my Sleep Blog here for more natural sleep tips and for mobile users to view the image showing the acu-point locations.