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Facial Self-Care Workshop: Facial Reading & Gua Sha - Learn Eastern Healthy Ageing Techniques

Facial gua sha is a technique used by the ancient Chinese to keep their facial skin looking youthful and healthy. Sometimes referred to as an ‘Eastern Facelift’ facial gua sha may help improve the health of your skin while creating lift and a glowing complexion. This is achieved by using gentle gua sha techniques to the face to encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage.

In this exclusive workshop you will learn a simple gua sha protocol to include in your beauty regime. You will also be introduced to some acupressure and facial yoga exercises.

We will begin the session with an introduction to traditional Chinese Medicine (tCM) facial diagnosis or face reading. You will examine your own face and learn to interpret your wrinkles discovering what they reveal about your health and your emotions. You will then be introduced to your jade gua sha tool and the practical aspects of this workshop.

• travel size soothing facial oil

• Jade Gua Sha tool (smaller than the one in this photo)

Facial Gua Sha Uplift Massage & Facial Gua Sha Tutorials are also available to book.

Next workshop date: Saturday 5th March 2022, 10 am - 12 at The Yoga Rooms, 8 Chatsworth Square, Carlisle.


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