Beginners Yoga is suitable for yoga beginners as well as those with a yoga practice. You will be guided through all areas of movement in the body, synchronising them to the breath so you can flow freely throughout your yoga flow.  An energising yet grounding class to unify the body, mind and breath.  These classes end with a yoga nidra relaxation where you can truly receive the benefits of your yoga practice.

At The Yoga Rooms we offer a busy timetable of yoga classes.  Most are suitable for Beginners including our Pregnancy Yoga (suitable from 14 weeks).  If you are completely new to yoga then we recommend joining our 5 week Absolute Beginners Yoga Course. Contact us for our next course start dates in Carlisle and Keswick.  Classes are pre-booking only.

If you are an instructor looking for a city centre based room for your classes or workshops , then please contact us.

  • Absolute Beginners Yoga 5 wk Course

    Take your first steps onto your yoga mat here at The Yoga Rooms. Our 5 week Absolute Beginners Yoga Course is just that - only students new to yoga will be in the class, meaning you will all be starting from scratch.  Over 5 weeks you will explore key aspects of yoga and discover why yoga is not simply stretching.

  • Beginners Yoga

    Our Beginners Yoga classes are suitable for yoga beginners as well as those with a yoga practice. You will be guided through areas of movement in the body, synchronizing them to the breath so you may begin to flow freely throughout your yoga practise. 

    An energising yet grounding class to unify the body, mind and breath. 

  • Yoga for Bigger-Bodies - Curvy Yoga

    Here at The Yoga Rooms we try and make our classes accessible to every body.  People come in all shapes and sizes and this class tailors to the needs of larger sized people.  Being bigger or curvy may mean that adjustments may be needed to access some yoga asanas.  Your instructor will work with you to help you build your confidence on your yoga mat.  Suitable for sizes 18 +.

    Class size is limited so you get lots of personal instruction.

  • Chair Yoga

    This class is suitable for those wishing to maintain their flexibility and strength but who are uanble to practice yoga at floor level on a yoga mat.  For example, you may be unable to weight bear on your wrists or knees or simply cannot get up and down to a mat.

    This class will focus on balance and flexibility with the chair used as a tool for seated postures, such as twists and also standing postures.  As with all our yoga classes during this class you will explore breath work (pranayama) and this session will end with guided relaxation.

  • Slow Flow Yoga

    Slow Flow Yoga yoga is a blend of body, breath and mind.  The class fuses breath work, meditation, relaxation and of course a flowing yoga sequence.  In this class you will steadily build up your physical strength and mind-body awareness.


    Suitable for beginners although we do recommend joining our Absolute Beginners Course or booking some private yoga tuition before attending regular weekly classes.

  • Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

    This class is dynamic, strengthening & balancing.  Vinyasa yoga means that each movement flows to the next one in careful connection with the breath. Each class is uniquely designed and their cumulative nature and therapeutic core means there is always room for modifications and extra challenges! 


    It is more dynamic than our Beginners classes and ideal for those with a regular yoga practice. Intermediate only.

  • Pregnancy  Yoga

    Suitable from 14 weeks. Pregnancy yoga is an ideal way to support your body, mind and well-being, offering you the opportunity to connect with your baby. Benefits include:
    • increased strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
    • improved sleep and blood circulation
    • reduced backache and nausea
    • decreased stress and anxiety.

    Pregnancy yoga classes also provide a safe, peaceful and supportive environment to meet and connect with other mothers-to-be. 

  • Yin  Yoga

    A Yin Yoga class is deeply relaxing and restorative.  During the class you will be gently guided verbally into a series of long-held, passive floor poses.  These poses mainly work the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. The poses may be  held for up to three minutes, sometimes longer.