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I had been having terrible nightmares and waking up with hot sweats. The lack of good sleep was making me feel bad tempered and I struggled to concentrate. After the first session I had no more nightmares!  I am sleeping so much better now and I'm much nicer to be around.  Give it ago, I promise, acupuncture really does help


Menopause Support

Holistic support throughout your menopause journey - from peri to post

Ruth has been supporting women through their menopause journey for over 15 years.  She has completed additional training in supporting women through the menopause with acupuncture, moxa and tui na massage.   Traditional acupuncture is increasingly seen as the ‘complementary treatment’ of choice in holistic menopause support.

What is the menopause?


The menopause marks the end of menstruation.  Referred to as 'the great cleanse' it is a powerful time of transition for women - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  


Science tells us that a woman is in follicular decline since being a foetus.  Menopause is an inevitable, natural and gradual process over a lifetime.  Peri-menopause is the phase before the menopause. 

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the menopausal transition

It is worth remembering that the menopause is as natural as the menarche. According to the Chinese 'nourishment of life' tradition the aim is to live as well as you can for as long as you can. Women would not be able to live well for as long if they continued to use up their energy reserves every month (if we consider the release of egg at ovulation as a loss of energy or Jing). Your body makes a decision about when to preserve energy so that you can live well for longer.  This we cannot change.

What you may be able to do is influence your experience of the menopause through lifestyle choices.  Supporting this natural self-regulatory process through conscious living. For example, reviewing your diet, your exercise regime, how much you rest to supplement and/or preserve your qi.  Your acupuncture treatment plan will include bespoke self-care recommendations.

For some general self-care advice read Ruth's Blog: Menopausal? Try these natural, simple and safe health tips

TCM interprets the menopause and the peri-menopause as a time of significant energetic shift.  It may be that some symptoms are exacerbations of pre-existing imbalance.  For example, a woman who has suffered with headaches and migraines throughout her life may see them worsen. Other symptoms, such as hot flushes, are more clearly linked to oestrogen decline.

From a tCM diagnostic perspective there are a number of common patterns which help explain your experiences.  If you are interested in learning more I recommend reading this online article by renowned acupuncturist Giovanni Maciocia, The Treatment of Menopausal Problems and Chinese Medicine,

What happens at your initial consultation

Your first consultation lasts up to 90 minutes and is mainly diagnostic.  You will be asked about your main symptoms, your medical history and other key lifestyle factors such as emotions, diet and exercise.  Your tongue will be observed as it maps your internal health.

If there is time after your case-history has been taken you may receive a mini treatment.  You may lie down on a treatment couch or comfortably seated.  Treatment options are simply needling, acupressure massage, tui na massage and/or moxa and other tCM techniques.  You can read more about acupuncture here.

At your follow up session your treatment plan will begin in earnest.

How many treatments will you need for natural menopause support?

As you are all experiencing your unique menopause journey this will vary.  Commonly, a course of weekly treatment is recommended.   After 6 weeks your progress is reviewed and you may be prescribed further weekly or fortnightly appointments.  Monthly or even seasonal maintenance treatment may be recommended.  As a rule, the longer you have had a condition the longer the treatment.

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