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Help reduce the appearance of your cellulite with this 8 treatment holistic Anti-Cellulite Cupping (& Acupuncture) Programme.

The dimpled, orange-peel skin characteristic of cellulite is not an illness but if you don’t like having it there are things you can do to reduce its appearance and prevent it forming.

Cellulite is the stagnation of fatty tissue commonly on the hips and thighs.  Many women dislike their cellulite – even thin ones –  and many have benefitted from this bespoke, anti-cellulite acupuncture-cupping treatment programme.

So, if you decide not to ignore your cellulite but do something about it you may have to commit to a few longer term life-style changes.

The aim of the treatment programme is to disperse the fat and improve circulation to the area.  As a traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist (tCM) I will look, amongst other things, at why your body is depositing fat in these areas. Often, there are energy lines/meridians which run through the area – perhaps the Gall Bladder (GB), which travels across your buttocks and down your thighs.

Your acupuncture-cupping programme will be based on full tCM diagnosis and followed by a blend of cupping massage, local acupuncture and body acupuncture.

Our aim is to find out why you are getting cellulite, disperse your cellulite and stop it recurring.

What to Expect
An initial diagnosis discussing your health, diet and lifestyle.  Followed by a first treatment which will start with some deep massage and cupping followed by local and body needling (acupuncture is optional!)

Follow Up Treatments will start with a review followed by the massage-cuppping-acupuncture combo.

Cellulite Self-Care

  • avoid foods that create fat in the body: fatty foods, refined carbs & sugars, milk products
  • work on your cellulite, massage it with a spiky body massager, pummel it – stop the fat from stagnating!
  • drink water regularly throughout the day – warm is best.

Cellulite Cupping and Acupuncture Programme
1 x first reatment of 90 minutes 
followed by 7 treatments of 60 minutes 
2 sessions per week for 4 weeks recommended

Anti-Cellulite Cupping & Acupuncture Programme

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