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Facial Gua Sha Self-Care Workshop - Learn Eastern Healthy Ageing Techniques

Gua Sha is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique. Lately, it's popularity has soared as it makes for engaging social media posts - both on the body and on the face. However, short Instagram videos tell only part of the story. They leave questions unanswered: How hard should I scrape? Which gua sha tool is best?

In this self-care workshop we will answer some of these practical questions as well as others, such as:

Why do I have frown lines and he/she doesn't? How come my forehead is so wrinkly?

In this exclusive workshop you will broaden your knowledge of facial Gua Sha - a lighter technique than body Gua Sha.

We look beneath the skin and hopefully, you will understand a bit more about:

  • some of the muscles of facial expression (responsible for the formation of your wrinkles)

  • some of the acupuncture meridians and acu-points on the face

  • basic tCM diagnostic face reading (eg. what your face tells you about your health and emotions)

You will then be taught a basic face Gua Sha routine to repeat at home as part of your self-care routine

Facial acupuncture, Facial Gua Sha Uplift Massage and private Facial Gua Sha Tutorials are also available to book.

Next workshop date: Sunday 17th March, 10 am - 1 pm at Carlisle Therapies, 34 Lowther Street, CA3 8DH


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