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Immune Support


Moxibustion (moxa) tradtional heat therapy applied to specific acu-points

"I have sewn a torn part of my undergarments.

I have changed the strings of my hat.
I have burnt moxa on my Stomach 36
My mind is now totally occupied with the moon over the Matsushima islands."

Haiku Master Basho Matsio 1689

Basho is now ready for his long trek having burnt moxa on acu-point Stomach (ST) 36, Zu San Li (in Pinyin).  St 36 is the 36th point on the Stomach channel (meridian), it's overall  effect is to regulate the body, including the immune system.

I offer individualized self-moxa consultations & tutorials

This page is under construction.  In the meantime try acupressure at ST 36.
Location: Four finger widths below your kneecap, one finger width away from your shin bone.
Acupressure: apply firm, moderate pressure for up to 2 minutes.  Apply to one or both legs daily.  This point combines well with acu-point LI 4 on hand (see location on Headache page).

How Acupressure may Help under construction

Acupressure Immune Support Routine under construction.


Exercise/Yoga under construction.  My Acu-Yoga Invigorate Flow is designed to strengthen and support the principal organs of immunity.  

Diet under construction

Books under construction

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