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Lion's Breath - Simhasana

Roaring like a lion, simhasana pranayama helps relieve stress and stimulates the region of the throat (tonsils), neck and face.  As lion's breath is cleansing it may be classified as a Kriya (ayurvedic cleansing technique).

Include this breath in your home yoga.  I practice lion's breath for a few minutes as part of my facial yoga before my facial acupressure & gua sha routine as it wakens up my facial muscles and improves circulation.  Do this with your children for fun and laughter!

How to do Lion's Breath 

  1. Sit comfortably, back tall, shoulders relaxed.  On knees with ankles crossed, cross-legged, on a chair etc. Close eyes.  Take a couple of natural cycles of breath

  2. Inhale though nose, mouth closed.  Exhale through mouth and make the sound 'ha' as if fogging up a mirror.  Repeat a few breaths.

  3. Place hands, palms face down on your knees. 

  4. Fold the tongue backwards so that the tip presses hard against the soft palate at the top and back of the mouth.

  5. Extend fingers wide apart, press through palms to straighten arms and open up your chest and the back of your upper back. 
    Release your hands to your thighs or knees. Keep eyes closed.

  6. Inhale through nose.  Exhale 'ha' sound forcefully through your mouth. Throughout the exhale, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue as far as possible towards your chin.

  7. Return to normal face position as you inhale again.  Tongue returns to palate.

  8. Repeat as long as feels good to you.   


Rest in this position for a few minutes.


  • Simple sitting position:  Make sure you are comfortable.  Cross-legged, on chair.

  • Position 2 (see photo): toes touch, knees apart, lean forward and place hands on floor between legs, tips of fingers and elbows face body, straighten arms.  Eyes open.

  • Set gaze (drishti):  To area between eyebrow or tip of nose.

  • Move tongue from side to side when exhaling and making sound.

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