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Care Beyond the Treatment Room. Giving my Patients FREE Access to the Jing Self-Care App

For faster, longer lasting results my patients now have free access to the Jing Self-Care App. Are you ready to integrate simple self-care techniques into your life?

Helping my patients make life-style changes to support their healing has always been central to my approach as an acupuncturist. Best health is more readily achieved with action inside and outside the treatment room.

Chinese medicine offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing, including an array of self-care practices. The Jing Self-Care App is a convenient library of self-care programmes which I can tailor to your needs.

At no extra cost to you - this is a free added benefit for my patients.

Your Jing app prescription might include self-care programmes in the form of videos, audio recordings, articles and recipe cards. I can put together a bespoke plan for you based on my diagnosis and understanding of your condition. Click on the images below to view examples of this content.

This might include acupressure points, self-massage routines, qigong exercises, guided meditations, dietary advice and recipes. For patients who are open to integrating these simple techniques and principles into their lives, results can be faster and longer-lasting.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the suitability of acupuncture for you. Contact me here.


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