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How do the Seasons affect You? Autumn Seasonal Acupuncture Bookings Now Open

Autumn. The trees are beginning to shed their leaves. Why? Because they no longer need them. To survive Winter they conserve their energy. Turning over a new leaf in Spring. What changes are you making this Autumn to help harmonise your inner seasons?

According to tCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) of which Acupuncture is a part, we humans mirror nature. For nature and for us, Summer is the most active/Yang time of year. Long days and heightened energy (for some, not everyone). I simply love it - biking, swimming, running, hiking …

As the leaves start to change colour this is an invitation to slow down! My heart sinks, I find it hard to let go of Summer. But yours may not, you may rejoice in this more Yin time of year.

We are all different. But like it or not, as sure as day follows night, the Yin months will arrive and to achieve your best health over Winter it’s best to be prepared.

Have you tried Seasonal Acupuncture?

What can you shed this Autumn to help this natural seasonal transition? Are there any activities, attitudes or perhaps emotions which are no longer helpful?

In tCM every season is governed by an element. Autumn is Metal. We are moving out of Summer/Fire into Autumn/Metal towards Winter/Water.

Metal is associated with the ability to take in and let go - taking in what is vital and letting go waste. The Lungs and Large Intestine are the Metal organs. Their strength is reflected in immunity (the respiratory and digestive systems protect the body from pathogens). The Metal organs are most vulnerable in Autumn - hence the upsurge in respiratory issues.

As microcosms of nature the inter-play of our inner Elements affects our health. Think about it.

How do the Seasons affect you?

How do you feel in Autumn?

Are you devastated by the dark nights?

Feel invogorated by the crisp mornings?

Or perhaps you experience low mood, fatigue and/or catch colds?

Your answers to these questions give clues to the state of your Metal Element.

Things you can do to support your Metal Element this Autumn

  • Slow down - reduce the amount of Yang activity

  • Rest more

  • Be more Yin (in my weekly yoga classes I begin to include more Yin poses)

  • Apply acupressure to the Seasonal Lung Acupuncture point Lung 8 (LU 8)

  • Eat to support your Lungs. White is the colour of the Metal Element. Eat more natural, white foods: mushrooms, onions, radish, pears, white meats

  • Practice regularly this Qi Gong routine to strengthen the Lungs by acupuncturist Peter Deadman

  • Book in for Seasonal Moxa training

  • Book in for Seasonal Acupuncture at my acupuncture clinic at Carlisle Therapies


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