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Puffy, itchy watery eyes? Sneezing, runny nose? Hayfever.

I long for summer until that is nature reminds me that over the past few years I have developed hayfever. Yesterday I went for a long, windy bike ride and goodness did I suffer! I had repeated sneezing attacks, itchy palate, nose completely blocked, itchy eyes.

Hay fever is a common allergic condition caused by pollen. It’s the proteins in pollen that cause irritation to the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses. As I was out on my bike, it was the wind-borne pollen causing my problems (hay fever is only caused by wind-pollinated plants, like grasses, trees and weeds).

Why am I getting hayfever for the first time in my late 40's?

It’s only for the past couple of years that I’ve experienced hayfever. As an acupuncturist I view my body holistically and when I can, self-diagnose and treat. Very briefly: I have a history of eczema and family history of asthma and hayfever. I have constitutionally weak Lung qi (energy) and as I get older (nearly 50) my Kidney Qi weakens also. This leads to a vulnerability to external allergens, such as pollen. My body’s defences aren’t as strong as they used to be and the pollen knocks my immune system off kilter.

Can I avoid hayfever

Avoiding allergens is one way to help manage hayfever symptoms. It’s really hard to avoid pollen, but I do try to keep windows in buildings and cars shut when there’s a high pollen count, and avoid walking in grassy areas during the afternoon and early evening, when symptoms can be worse. As pollen gets trapped in hair, I wash mine most days in hayfever season.

Holistic Hayfever Help - my top 5

Obviously, I try to manage my hayfever naturally if I can (admittedly, this is not always enough!) 1. try homeopathic anti-histamines (I've been taking A. Vogel's Pollinosan Hayfever tablets) 2. drink nettle tea 3. eat local honey (with comb) 4. reduce consumption of dairy - avoid milk, cheese, chocolate. Reduce sugar, salt, caffeine (see ‘500 of the most important health tips you’ll ever need,’ Hazel Courteney for a longer list) 5. let's treat the symptoms now - book in for traditional Acupuncture and we will work out the best treatment for you: immune balancing acupuncture, acupressure, ear-acupuncture plus ear magnets on the antihistamine acu-point between acupuncture sessions

let's treat the root: prepare your defences/balance your immune system for 2024 by booking a course of acupuncture to address constitutional imbalances, so you are ready for next year

For more information or if you have questions give me a call or e-mail:


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